4 sisters

4It’s been just over a month since I’ve managed to post anything on this blog…over the course of the past month I have read very little (it’s the first time in forever that I haven’t finished a single book in such a long time), written no book reviews, but I have managed to turn out several dozen poems and a few short stories. I’m not exactly thrilled with the shape of those days, but at least they have a shape.

4 sisters

how can dad being home
be such a terrible thing?
[for the ones who understand]

1-a bit somber
eating chips
no smile…

2-good softball game last night
big smile
munching chips
shakes her head no
when asked
‘are you glad dad’s home?’

3-moderate mood
obviously down
[what is going on]

4-really bad
no smile – at all
no response
[even after winning last night’s game]

this should be a great day – dad’s home!
but it’s [to me] astonishingly terrible

we never know what goes on
behind closed doors
in the privacy of one’s own home
[though I fear it’s often sad]

20 May 2009
© Matthew E. Jackson
written after hearing a very sad story from 4 sisters