Grady Champion — Canton’s Bluesman

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The article below was commissioned by and published in The Canton News, July 6, 2017, Volume 3, Number 7.

Canton, Mississippi has many reasons to be proud, and first and foremost among them are her people. From Elmore James (blues singer) to L.C. Greenwood (NFL) to George Raymond (civil rights activist), our fair city is known for the caliber of people she produces.

A shining star for modern Canton is Grady Champion, bluesman extraordinaire. His two decade long career has established him as a Grammy Award winning blues songwriter, singer, producer, and harmonica/guitar player.

Born in 1969 in Canton, the youngest of 28 children, Grady discovered his love of music at the tender age of 8 at church with his family. His first foray into music professionally was as a rapper, but he quickly discovered that his true talents lay with the blues.

Ever an innovator, Grady wasn’t satisfied to simply do the blues as they’d always been done before. He incorporated the music he loved as a young man, rap and hip hop, to create a style of blues that was wholly faithful to tradition, yet innovative enough to draw new and younger fans. His music has won multiple awards, particularly his hit single ‘Make That Monkey Jump,’ and taken him all around the world on tour.

These days Grady spends his time doing the things he loves the most — writing songs, recording music, and touring. His most recent album, One of a Kind, was released by Malaco Records in September 2016.

If you’ve never taken the opportunity to see Grady perform live, you’re missing a true treat. His stage presence is phenomenal, combining incredible energy with a love of performance and constant interaction with the crowd. He knows that fans provide a musician’s success, and he treats them with the love and respect of someone who appreciates every single one of his supporters. At Grady’s concerts, you always feel like you’re among family and friends, beginning with the performer himself.

For a chance to see Grady live, visit his website ( for tour dates. Hint — he has 2 concerts in Mississippi before July 10!

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