12I’ve always enjoyed photography – both composing my own and viewing other people’s. So I decided recently that I would play around again with my camera, and perhaps post several small series of photos here on my blog. It’s mostly just a fun experiment for myself, but I hope my readers might also enjoy it!

I love clouds, and the texture, detail, and variation you’re able to see from the window of an airplane still fascinates me. So here we have a few pics from my recent flight to FFM – a little cloud photography!

General Germany Pictures

betsI know that many of the people who read my posts are American, and it seems that not many have had the opportunity to travel to Frankfurt, Germany. I enjoy looking at the photos from other people’s travels to the places I’ve never visited, so I decided to share a few of the images I came home with as well.

The picture posted as the “feature image” for this post is actually a ‘photo betting pool’ from my office – everyone guessed specific images I would have on my camera when I came home. I won’t post the results (and not nearly all of my pictures), but I will say that my colleagues did a great job…they seem to know me fairly well.

As a general comment – I find Germany to be a beautiful country. From the big city feel of FFM to the much smaller village feel of Mainz. The architecture, the streets, the stores, even the people – a wonderful place for an extended vacation if you ever have the chance to go!